Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Bounty

The Meal, 1891, by Paul Gauguin
Our stomachs pang for nutrition;
Our muscles, skin and bones, proper sustenance.

Our tongues want for the succulent flavours;
Our noses, the decadent aromas.

Our eyes search for the vibrant colours,
Our fingers, the variants of texture.

No matter how bountiful the harvest, however,
There is nothing more nourishing than the company
of beloved family and friends.



  1. What is a meal if not shared with family and friends? Thank you for the vibrant words.

  2. we sure do know, why we love each other. because we both long for the same thing and that is to have a wonderful time with our family and friends. and it's growing... one thing that made you unique from all the rest. :-))


  3. lovely, well written and a true and beautiful sentiment.

  4. "Our tongues want for the succulent flavours;
    Our noses, the decadent aromas."

    Rich words! Great poem!

  5. so true that ...sad to see that many dont eat together now...choosing to eat on the run or in front of the tv or...i like how you touch on all the senses as well...

  6. Your poem is so sensual and definitely highlights the importance of celebrating family and friends. Thank you for sharing, JC.

  7. True enough - but I'm still salivating over Our noses, the decadent aromas!

  8. That is the true bounty Love this! :-)