Sunday, 29 April 2012

Ink Well

Magpie Photo Prompt 115
image by Manu Pombrol

Inside a vitreous vault of expression
I sit pondering my previous

Completely bared to the world 
all that I am.
What have I to hide?

So much more to share 
before the winds of time
evaporate what remains 
of my creative fluids.

Clear, that I may choose any hue 
to paint my scene, 
from docile blues 
to vibrant greens 
to passion-filled reds.

Never shall the lid be laid
as I have hidden it well
lest my freedom be contained once more.

Posted for Magpie Tales [link]
Photo Courtesy of Tess Kincaid [link]


  1. A beautiful piece.

    I like your blog, too.

  2. wonderfully written... i love it!..


  3. I like the idea of creative fluids evaporating, nicely suggested by the prompt. Thank goodness he's hidden the lid!

  4. Creative fluids, indeed...nice write...

  5. nice...this picks up all the elements in the pic.and is also a nice reflection on the life of a writer....i hope that creative juice def never dries up nor a lid be placed....

  6. So very interesting how you layer humor from the first stanza, ( I got a huge grin from that one!) and end with a serious pronouncement in the last stanza. Much can be read into this piece, and NO there's no pun intended given the photo's content!! Nice!

  7. Yes, keep that lid hidden. Very well done, by the way.