Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Thanking God for my found treasure...

Never in my life did I think that I could find someone as special as he is in his own manner.
I appreciate him in every way. He brings laughter and joy to my life which in turn broadcasts through me to others. Like the gold bracelet which he had found discarded by a careless person, kicked around by yet another and now proudly displayed on his wrist, JJ now is my found treasure. To those who could not see the beauty of this gem I've found, I thank you as today I would not be able to marvel at the sparkle of his whole being had it not been for you.
What unexpectedly came with this rarity is a whole cache of dazzling jewels I have recently been given the honour of beholding.
I thank God mostly for granting me the patience in my search.

Here's to you, JJ. Shine brightly, mahal ko!


  1. This is so special... Im speechless JC. Thank you very much.

    I love you so much!