Saturday, 5 November 2011

The First Droplet...

First off, I want to thank JJ for dancing his way into my life in his unique fashion.

I am completely new to this blog thing. Please bear with me as I come up to speed.. lol

I will start out my blog with an inspiration story.

Years ago a young guy contacted me through my Skype from Thailand... you know how that goes. On a whim, I answered his message. He turned out to be a very honest young character. Long story short, I agreed to help him to come to Canada as at that time my business was running smoothly and I had the extra time to devote.
After months of hard work to try to work through this train wreck we call Canada Immigration here, my friend was so filled with thankfulness that he decided to pass it on. He regaled me with the following story:

"Jeeem, I was walking down the street on Friday to go to the mosque for prayer when I saw a homeless man on the curb obviously in distress. I knelt down to see what was the matter and it turned out that he had no money for the medication he desperately needed. He had not eaten in a while either. People from my own mosque were walking right past him because he was not a Muslim man. I was ashamed. Purposefully, I marched into my mosque and asked how dare we leave a poor man in the streets to die? After pointing out vehemently that we should be helping our fellow man, it was arranged that this man would be brought in, fed, clothed properly and have shelter. I rushed down to the drugstore and purchased medications he needed from my own pocket money. This I did because of the help you have given me. Thank you."

I had saved a life on the other side of the world. I was overtaken with emotion. 

We can really make a difference in this world. We just have to care to start doing it. Don't let the despair we see on the 24/7 news channels and other media ever let us think that we are powerless. 

It only take one small ripple to make a big wave.

(photo courtesy of Google Pics)


  1. that's the essence of life Jeem. Let's share the blessings that we have. very nice. if only people will be like that, especially in this time of protests about sharing of wealth, there will be no more hunger and thirst...

    love your initial offering in your blog...


    btw, welcome to the blog world!

  2. A beautiful blog full of beautiful deeds.

    Anna :o]