Sunday, 18 March 2012

The Demise of Daylight Savings

Magpie Tales Photo Prompt 109

image: Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison
David was always
a meticulous public servant.
Years he has devoted
to calculations and derivations.
So intricate and complex,
the inner movements of time,
he toils through
the dawn trying to get it just right.

"Just a slight bit more,"

he sighs as he nudges
the works with pseudo-surgical precision.
His life work nearing fruition,
the demise of daylight savings time.

Posted for Magpie Tales
photo courtesy of Tess Kincaid


  1. WOW, after seeing your video message this morning, looking sleepy and tired; this post is awesome! Love it!


  2. I hope he succeeds! (Love pseudo-surgical precision...)

  3. Oooh good one! The last line really nails the sometimes perceived futility of our endeavors!

  4. I wish they wouldn't keep moving the clock forward and backward. I'm sure we humans aren't designed to be moved ahead of back by an hour each year. I know it upsets my inner workings for a while. LOL
    Loved the humour in this. Very clever write.

  5. Love this one! You really captured this prompt.


  6. I love your poem, JJ. You found the guy who will end the seasonal hour shift! Yay!! Go David, go!! Thank you for sharing this. =D

  7. We are thinking along the same lines in this one! I really do wish they would do away with daylight savings.

  8. meticulous public servant LOL!!!

    angular acceleration

  9. i am rooting for messed me up for days...

  10. A dedicated David indeed! Enjoyable and fun!

  11. Very good take on the prompt. I like "Years he has devoted
    to calculations and derivations."

  12. great work indeed..loved it!!

  13. Ha! I never read any of the other posts until after mine is done. I like to come up with ideas off the top of my head without influence. It looks as though you and I were on the same page this day! :) Great job!

  14. Don't know if you were a fan of TV's 'Lost' .. your Mag reminds me of the incredible story lines.

  15. Great take ! Springing ahead is never easy!

  16. So that's where my extra hour went! lol, good one.

  17. Dear JC: That is so much of a "doh" moment. Undoubtly government downsizing again~! Poem is picture perfect~!